Tuesday, December 5, 2006


We were able to get off to a good start for the new liturgical year with a sung Mass for the First Sunday of Advent at St Joseph's Gateshead. This was something special as it was the first time that Fr Adrian Dixon, Parish Priest of St Joseph's, had celebrated a sung Mass in the traditional rite.

I do not intend to review the event as if it were a performance; suffice it to say that I was very happy with the way things went. There was a good turnout of Schola singers (including Mike Forbester who runs the Rudgate Singers) and Peter Locke was there to play the organ and sing with the Schola.

We sang the Introit, Alleluia and Communion, using psalm tones for the other parts of the Proper. The Ordinary of the Mass was Orbis Factor. At the Offertory we sang the beautiful Advent Responsory Rorate Caeli and at Communion we sang Adoro te Devote. We ended the Mass with the great Advent hymn "O Come O Come Emmanuel".

We owe the existence of the Sunday Mass at St Joseph's to the time when Fr Michael Brown was Parish Priest there: it was he who started the Sunday traditional Masses. We are very fortunate that Bishop Dunn and Fr Dixon have allowed the Mass to continue and that Fr Dixon himself is now regularly celebrating the Mass.


Mike4b said...

It was enjoyable singing with you again and I'm looking forward to Christmas!

Alnwickian said...

Always good to have you singing with us. I have added a link to the Rudgate Singers site.

AndrewPS said...

How did Fr Dixon get on with the Traditional Mass?


Alnwickian said...

Fr Dixon has been celebrating the TLM at St Joseph's for three months now. His Low Masses showed that he had made a real effort to learn the rubrics of the traditional rite. For his first sung Mass he was helped with the music by Peter Locke and he also asked me to go through the music with him. His Sung Mass was celebrated as reverently and accurately as his Low Masses had been. He certainly apppears to be finding regular celebration of the TLM a rewarding liturigcal and spiritual experience.

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