Sunday, January 6, 2008


This year we sang the Mass of the Epiphany at the Church of SS Peter and Paul, Longbenton.

The Introit and Alleluia were sung by the Schola to chants from the Liber Usualis. The remainder of the Proper of the Mass was sung by the Schola to chants arranged by Carlo Rossini.

The Ordinary of the Mass was sung antiphonally using Mass VIII and Credo III.

At the Offertory the Schola sang (in four parts - a capella) the Epiphany version of “Adeste fideles” which includes the verse:-
Stella duce, Magi Christum adorantes,
Aurum, thus, et myrrham dant munera.
Jesu infanti corda praebeamus.
(Lo, star-led chieftains, Magi Christ adoring,
Offer Him incense, gold and myrrh.
We to the Christ child bring our hearts’ oblations.)

At the end of Mass all sang the hymn “As with Gladness Men of Old”.

After Mass we were all given a piece of blessed chalk to write the inscription 20CMB08 on or beside the front door of our homes in order to bless our homes and those who live there. The letters stand for Christus Mansionem Benedicat (May Christ bless this house) and also represent the initials of the names tradition ascribes to the Magi (Caspar Melchior and Balthazar).

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